Quality Assurance Unit

BRF has independent QA unit with well experienced and trained auditors, functioning with inhouse Standard Operating Procedures based on the principles of OECD GLP. The QAU auditors perform / conduct different type of audits on Facility, Study and Process based as per OECD GLP Principles. The studies carried out at BRF will be audited by QAU for ensuring the integrity, quality and GLP principles; it includes reviews the study protocols, live phases audit, raw data, draft and final reports. They also ensure generation of appropriate SOPs, defining and monitoring audit observations, periodical update to the management. QA personnel are bridges between Study Directors, Management and Sponsors for keeping abreast of GLP compliance.

BRF scientists attend scientific / QA / GLP conferences to learn the recent updates in various fields of research and regulatory standards. We also conduct in house training programs with external experts, which help us to aim the next areas of growth for our organization.