Bioscience Research Foundation is a leading Contract Research Organization for the development and registration of drug and crop protection products. Our technical team provides essential products and research services for the development of safety and efficacy of drugs, food additives, medical devices, agro-based chemicals, and industrial chemicals. BRF delivers comprehensive scientific expertise and service offering in non-clinical research and development, research models and services, and analytical support to our customers.

Toxicology is the study of the nature and mechanism of adverse effects of substances on living organisms and other biological systems. It also deals with the quantitative assessment of toxic effects on the level, duration, and frequency of exposure to the test system.

BRF supports our customers in cutting-edge strategy, dossier preparation, toxicological risk assessment, regulatory advice or guidance on study requirements. Our department led by a team of study directors and senior scientists supported by animal technicians with special toxicology training, necropsy specialists and pathologists.

We have more scientific expertise in conducting all types of studies from standard OECD, EU, FDA, OCSPP (OPPTS), JMAFF, WHO, CIBRC, ISO and other guidelines to satisfy regulations and register products worldwide.

Routes of administration
Oral, Dermal, Inhalation, Ocular, Injection/Infusion and any other routes

Acute Toxicity Studies (Oral, Dermal, Inhalation)
Multidose Toxicity Studies (Sub acute, chronic)
Special Toxicity Studies (Irritation, Sensitization, Antigenicity, Phototoxicity)
Developmental and Reproduction Toxicity (DART) Studies
Single and Multi Generation Studies
Carcinogenicity Studies
Neurotoxicity Studies
Biocompatibility Studies
Immenotoxicity Studies
Livestock Studies
Biopesticide Studies
Other Mechanistic Studies