About BRF

Bioscience Research Foundation (BRF) is an integrated discovery and developing Contract Research Organization(CRO). BRF, situated near Sriperumpudur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, (40 minutes drive from Chennai Airport) was established on August, 2010 by Dr. C.TAMILSELVAN. We are an autonomous and non-governmental body.

Bioscience Research Foundation (BRF) is a eco-friendly test facility with modern equipped analytical instruments along with more than 150 GLP trained personnel. The facility covers 55,000 sq.ft built-up area along with 45 animal rooms provided by uninterrupted power supply and controlled environment.

  • BRF is a GLP certified laboratory (NGCMA - National GLP Compliance Monitoring Authority), Government of India.
  • Approved by Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals(CPCSEA).
  • Accredited by Department of Scientific and Industrial Reserch(DSIR), Government of India.
  • Approved by Central Insecticide Board Registration Committee (CIBRC) by Ministry of agriculture & farmers welfare, Department of Agriculture, cooperation & Farmers welfare, Government of India .
  • Approved by National Service of Quality and Plant and Seed Health (SENAVE), Humaita.
  • Approved by Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBSC) by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

Our CRO programmes planned and performed under five broad categories, such as Agrochemicals, Pharmaceutical products, Veterinary drugs, Industrial Chemicals, Food and feed additives.

To support product registration, We adopted various National and International guidelines suchas OECD, BIS, OPPTS(OCSPP), EPA,ASTM, EEC, FDA, IP/BP, USP, ICH, SANCO, JMAFF, CIBRC, ISO, FAO and WHO.

Managing Director's Message

Welcome! Heart full thanks for visiting our website; which accomplish your needs. Our organization strives to enhance the protection the human, animal, and environmental safety through risk assessment of non-clinical studies through the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). The studies are executed under the concept of total quality management throughout its life cycle with zero flaws. BRF would like to enthrall in chemistry, toxicology, genetic toxicology, ecotoxicology, entomology, pathology, and animal breeding, we are intensively addressing the desires of our sponsors through regimented management with time and maintaining continuous interaction with clients to assess their emerging necessity, when the need arises. We plan to attain this mission with our employees through their ongoing involvement to achieve the company vision. We are eagerly looking forward to your patronage in achieving our mission.
-Dr.C.Tamilselvan, Ph.D., Managing Director